Not able to preview PDF in PDF VIEWER

Hi ,
Need help

I am using PDF CONJURE. It works fine. I am stuck with a different issue I hope you great bubblers can help. I will describe below: -

I have created a repeating group as follows: -


In this repeating group I have an icon to preview the PDF document which is marked as P. Now in order to preview I am using another plugin by the name PDF VIEWER. So once I click the icon with letter P a popup gets displayed and I want the PDF document which I have saved in my database to get displayed. My database is as follows: -

In the popup I have the PDF VIEWER element. The element is as follows: -


The output that displayed is as follows: -
It seems the Dynamic link in the PDF Viewer is not set properly by me. I want to display the PDF in the popup. Kindly help.

Kindly help.
Vijay Zutshi

Privacy issue? Check the options by Data > Privacy > Check type where you store the link. What does the debugger tell you?

Thanks for your reply. The data type is Public. But the field that I am saving is text. Should it be file instead. Please advise.