Pdf Viewer not able to access own project files

Hi! I have been using Pdf Viewer to show a PDF stored in my bubble App.

However, my bubble App has privacy rules that disallow anybody other then the creator/uploader of the document to access the files.
Accessing the file from the pdf viewer plugin, I Find that there is an error that occurs:
PDF.js v2.0.943 (build: dc98bf76)
Message: Unexpected server response (403) while retrieving PDF “https://viewport2.cdn.bubble.io/f1701078455657x931009367245496600/Artwork%201.pdf”.

I was wondering if I can somehow allow the viewport2 link to access the file with privacy roles, Thanks!

Kindly refer below link,

Update the pdf viewer version into your bubble app.

If you having difficult to fix this issue then drop an email to mani2726@gmail.com