Not able to refer to a data type on page

I have created a data type “tool” that is publicly visible and i am hoping has no privacy rules attached.
However, i am not able to refer to the fields of that tool on a page and for a plugin called Progress Circle.
Attaching screenshots below:

I have also referred to that tool and field in my workflow for “MAKE CHANGES TO A THING” but i still only see current user when referring to the data type.
I tried search for but that isnt helping much either.
Can anyone help? thanks in advance:)

What do you mean? Why aren’t you able to refer to the thing’s fields (and what does your screenshot have to do with anything?)… What ‘Tool’ are you trying to refer to?

Again… I don’t understand what yuo mean by that?.. can you elaborate on what the actual problem is?

‘Tool’ is a data type that i have created to store my data, as you can see in the second screenshot. I wish to change the progress value (refer to first screenshot) to one of the field’s of this data type.
Basically i have a number(integer) stored in one of the fields i have created in data type ‘Tool’ and i want to change the progress value to that particular field’s value.
However i am unable to access any field that i have created under this new data type ‘Tool’

Hope that makes it clearer…

I still don’t understand what you mean by this? Why can’t you access it? (your screenshot has got no relevance to this question)

And again (you didn’t answer my question previously), which Tool are you referring to? (how and where it it defined)?

Wherever it is, just refer to that Tool - then you can access its fields.

I’m guessing from your question that you’re very new to Bubble… accessing and referring to data is a very basic thing… so if you haven’t yet learned the basics of working with Data I’d take a step back and start with that: Data - Bubble Docs

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