Not able to scroll page

In the past week or so I’m experiencing a bug where an entire page can no longer be scrolled.

It’s difficult to nail down when exactly this occurs, but it appears to happen most when I leave a page and come back to it, or complete a workflow on the page.

The rest of the page still works (buttons, date pickers, links, etc.), just no scroll bar.

How to fix?*
Refreshing the page causes scrolling to work correctly again.

Anyone else experiencing this? I’m fairly certain it’s a bug of some sort, as it hasn’t happened until very recently.

I’ve been having the exact same issue. It’s been ongoing for the last couple of weeks actually. It’s only on one page but I haven’t changed anything on it.

Our engineering team has pushed a fix for this issue. In the future, if you’re noticing that something in Bubble is not behaving as it should, please file a bug report so that we can more accurately keep track of and respond to these issues.

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