Not Allowing Me To Display Data. Data Display Should Be Empty

Have been struggling with this for a couple of days! Enjoy the grind, but now have to ask before going made.

I have some text which I am receiving from using a plugin.
I create a custom state containing that text and apply to to an element.

In this case, the element is called Group C and the state is called Group C’s state.

When I try to display data (as in the screenshot) I get the message that data to display should be empty.

What is slightly interesting, is that if I go to the design tab and click on a text element, I can set the default value as the dynamic value that I want. This then works without the extra step.

If I try and apply to a text element instead of a group, the text element is not appearing as Element where I want to display data (in the step.)

You can only display data in in a group if that group has a defined content type… (and the content type is the same as the type you’re trying to display).

So, presumably, your group doesn’t have a content type defined.

Seeing as your talking about Custom States here (and not Group Data), you should be using a Set State action, not a a Display data action (unless you are actually trying to display data in a group instead of setting a custom state value - in which case, just first define the Group’s content type).

Thank you for your answer. I don’t quite understand, so hope that you can clarify for me…
I have made changes so that ‘Group text’ has a data type of text. I have then set the state to the value required (which is showing correctly in the inspector when running).
Then in the final step (as in the original question) I am setting Group text to display the data of what was set in the Custom State.
In the inspector, it is showing the value for Group text as Data To Display: (And has the correct text)
However, it is not appearing on the screen.
No errors that I can see.

Is your text element referring to the correct data source?

As far as i know, yes. Isn’t this evident by the fact that the value is correct?

I’m not sure I understand…

What value are you talking about?

I’m referring to your text element… do you even have a text element?