Not showing dropdown in workflow when creating a thing


I did know if I’m missing something basic.

When I’m creating a new thing i.e courses, I have fields - Category which is a dropdown input (created in option sets).

I have a field named “Certificate” (Option set Name: Certificate, Options: Certificate Avalilable/N/A/Paid)

I’m having some problem in the workflows. When I’m creating a thing it should be (Certificate: Dropdown certificate’s value) but instead the dropdown is not visible. (Certificate: dropdown certificate not visible here)

Please help.

@cmarchan @mikeloc @boston85719


Delete the privacy settings for the new data type “course”.

It says “can be visible by anyone, define a rule”

Hi there, @rohitwadhwani17… are you sure the field type of the Certificate field is the certificate option set? Some screenshots might help us pinpoint the issue.


Here are the screenshots.

It doesn’t shows “Dropdown Certificate Value”
Nor does it shows “Dropdown Platform Value”


Hmmm… that is indeed weird. I would refresh the editor or log out and log back in to Bubble. I don’t see why it is not working.

yeah didn’t quite get it