Dropdown not showing up

My dropdowns don’t show up when I click on them.
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What is the cause of this?


You’ll need to choose which column of the data to show in the Dropdown’s display. If it’s an Option Set, you’ll normally choose the Display. If its a data type, you’ll choose the column where you have that data’s name.

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I choose ‘Display’ because it’s an Option Set and I don’t have the Column
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have you checked your privacy settings?

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Did this work for you? Amd do you have a Display established for each Option already?

Apologies for the late reply. I’ve been getting up to speed also with Webflow so I had to put this Bubble project on the back burner. I’m gonna give your solution another shot, even though it didn’t pan out the first time.

I don’t know.

I’m in the privacy settings but everything I see needs to be upgraded.
For now I don’t plan on paying.

I’ve fixed the dropdown display issue.
To do this a default value is needed, which wasn’t the case before. The default value needs to be the current display.
Thanks again for the help provided.

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