Nothing to work on

Any ideas for small projects that a new bubbler can work on?

A homework to-do list for teens

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A Bubble app idea suggestion platform :slight_smile:


Haha :slight_smile:

You can help recreate the original “Thefacebook” from 2004 if you like ?

Here, I have started it for you …

The good news is we don’t need to worry about it being responsive.

Pick a bit of functionality and crack on, I will help you as you go along.

p.s. serious offer, you get co-creation credit, and we both get unsuccessfully sued by by Mr Z and end up famous for 15 seconds :slight_smile:


That’s generous, you might want to consider creating a CAD/MDT. there seems to be a massive demand based upon the copious amounts of requests on this forum. None of the users who make these requests ever seem to be asking for help ( seems strange as the majority Arbeit not all) members here tend request valid assistance or raise questions having already put some effort into developer application themselves. just an idea

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I agree it’s weird, most have only joined a matter of hours before.

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I can’t even get the Edit Profile group to stay on top trying to add inputs to it :cry:

Bring to front? (right click)

Sometimes when I’m lacking inspiration, I’ll find a web app I like and try to copy it.

Also, wth is a CAD/MDT? and yes, why do I keep seeing requests for building one?

I googled it a few times and from what I can gather it’s…a dispatch system…for…gamers? Is it like some kind of prepper game or something?

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Agreed, what is a CAD/MDT??

I am such a noob here I can’t work out how to send you a PM, but we have Bubble tasks that we need help with if you are looking for stuff to learn on. Please get in touch with me Rafael or my boss Roger at advanta(dot)pro

Click the name next to my profile picture and press 36%20PM

Hi there, haha sorry but that still doesn’t work, here’s a video (I can do that!)

I have increased your trust level, so that you can now PM people.

Don’t misuse it :slight_smile:

I have an idea. Can you pm me?