Why this sudden requests for CAD/MDT on Bubble- Can someone just create one and for all?

I’m not sure why there is so many sudden requests for building CAD/MDT applications on bubble.
Didn’t have any clue what they were until i heard of them on this forum and checked them out.
From the little i saw from it seems like something bubble is well suited for. No wonder the numerous requests.

Anyway here is an idea. Can someone just create one and resell to whoever wants one.
@levon and others, maybe if you haven’t already thought about this you should consider it.
You could just create it like a template and people will just buy and configure it to meet their needs.
Don’t have time on my hands will have tried it.

Have deleted them, as it looked very spamy.

There was someone who developed one for a large community using bubble, which has sparked the interest among other similar communities. There are people reselling them for higher than necessary costs.

we also thought of making a template but don’t have time as well. Some kid made a CAD/MDT game on Bubble as shown here

AFAIK it’s for fivem.com game
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There is a company named Modern Solutions that does this stuff. It’s http://shopmodernsolutions.com/
They have everything all functional and working. About 70 different communities use this product.

It would be cool if someone made a free one.