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Notification that leads to a single comment


Please check the attached photo.

Same as bubble (with respect) has a URL for each comment, so that notification can reach and highlight the comment once pressed, how we could make the same for our platform?

I would like for each comment to have “added” URL of each post, i.e. URL of a post and than numbers of comments that act as a link to the comment within the post.

notifications link


Thank you for your post! Although the Bubble forum is not built with Bubble, I believe you could achieve the same functionality by utilizing slugs for each comment in conjunction with a scroll to action. Essentially, you could have a Do When workflow for when the URL includes the slug for a specific “Comment”. In this workflow you can include a scroll to action so that the page scrolls to the comment that is referenced in the URL.


Do you know where to find, or perhaps write by yourself such process of creating “number” slug for each comment, and essentially workflow of scrolling to the comment?

Thanks a lot!

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