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Notifications as Group Focus


I’m trying to make notifications for my app. I created my notifications display as Repeating Group inside Group Focus with Notification Bell as Reference element.

I would like to highlight notifications which haven’t been seen by the User but i don’t know how should i know if User seen them.

I don’t want to use any button like “x” to change Notification “Seen” state to “yes”.

Is it possible to somehow trigger an action like “when this Group Focus is closed mark all unseen notifications as seen”? I know that i can set such workflow to the button but Group Focus can be closed by clicking anywhere…

Hey @taon

Cool idea! And, absolutely you can do something like this. You’d probably have a conditional on the bell icon that changes it’s color or something if search for notfications (that are unseen)'s count > 0. Clicking that could show the Group Focus and you could have a ‘Do when condition is true’ that happens every time the group Focus isn’t visible, to make changes to the list of items in the notification repeating group.

Give it a try and don’t hesitate to reach out with any additional questions to [email protected]

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