Need help repeating group

The other thing, i noticed that once i click on my notifications group the notification clears away. I want it to remain visible for feature references how do i set up?

You’ll need to provide more information for the community to be able to assist you. What’s your data structure? Screenshots would be especially helpful.

@dserber here they are

they are all going away because youre most likely adding read=yes value to the list of notifications once opened/visible.

Remove that workflow, have a clear all button that will add the read=yes value to the list.
And separate clear buttons for each cell that will modify parent group/current cells notification to read=yes

Or when the notification is clicked, presumably page will navigate somewhere, you can add the read=yes value in this workflow.

yes when notification is clicked page navigates to profile. i still get the same problem

good job

They clear away still…