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Notifications for spiking workload unit consumption

The app is used every day by a few customers of mine each day…maybe 3 or 4 per day for less than 2 minutes each. It has been working fine for over a year. Here is the email: Hello,

We are sending this email to let you know that your application xxxxxxxxxxx has hit its maximum capacity usage for 57 minutes over the last 24 hours.

You can add more capacity for better performance and to prevent your app from being rate-limited. You can also test how your app will behave with a capacity boost for free (up to three times a month) in the
You can also analyse your application’s capacity usage and control the threshold for these automated email notifications in the

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help in scaling your application.


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Yup, as I suspected, it’s the capacity email. I am not going to try to dig it up, but Josh mentioned a while back that folks were getting those emails in error. So, as long as it’s not affecting your bill or the ability for your users to use your app, it is probably safe to ignore the email, but it probably couldn’t hurt to reach out to Bubble support, too.