🎁 [PLUGIN] Plugin Pack No-Code Venture

Today we’re excited to announce the release of our Plugin pack. Which consists of several amazing Plugins from our bundle, at a low monthly fee you’ll get combined access to all of these plugins.

All in one. Subscribe to this bundle and get all of the plugins at once. You can find the plugin element and action by name.

Should you wish to see any of our other plugins in this pack? Send me a private message.

We’ve added SFTP Plugin to the Pack of Plugins. The pack now contains these plugins:

:gift: List Shifter NCV

:globe_with_meridians: Link: List Shifter NCV Plugin | Bubble

:gift: Audio Player

:globe_with_meridians: Link: Audio Player Plugin | Bubble

:gift: Javascript Workflow (Client)

:globe_with_meridians: Link: JavaScript Workflows Plugin | Bubble

:gift: Calculate Distance API (CDA)

:globe_with_meridians: Link: Calculate Distance API Plugin | Bubble

:gift: Stripe Payment Element

:globe_with_meridians: Link: Stripe Payment Element Plugin | Bubble

:gift: SFTP FTP Plugin

:globe_with_meridians: Link: Link: SFTP FTP Plugin Plugin | Bubble

Added :gift: Toggle Custom

We just added our intercom plugin to this list

:gift: Intercom Live Chat
Link: Intercom Complete API + Chat Plugin | Bubble