🥳 Nucode is on Product Hunt! Built with Bubble

Hey everyone! Nucode is up on Product Hunt this morning!

Would love for my fellow Bubblers to check it out :wave:


Very clean design. Upvoted! Just funny to promote a PH-clone on PH, but I guess it’s not the first time ^^

Just a heads up, your site is throwing an alert (on Chrome at least) when we click on “check out”:

Thanks Lucien! I’ll see what would be causing that - shouldn’t have saved anything on the template pages :thinking:

Check the console in chrome for
Uncaught URIError: URI malformed related some arbiter .php script.

Other than than sweet looking

Sorry, a couple of other things I noticed :sweat_smile:

The search input doesn’t seem to work as expected, and the placeholder message is not handling the case where no tool is selected in the dropdown.

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This is what I love Lucien! Thank you so much for helping me find these issues man. Will take care of these ASAP!

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Just upvoted! :clap:

Thank you so much!

Very nice - upvoted.

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