Number formatting with trailing zeros

is it possible to add a number formatting option to add a configurable number of trailing zeros?

the option should add trailing zeros until number is displayed with X charachters.

Example: if I set X=4

  • the number 1 would display as 0001
  • the number 12 would display as 0012
  • the numbre 123 would display as 0123
  • the number 1234 would display as 1234
  • the number 12345 would display as 12345

this is the relevant screen:


I know there are workarounds around this, but it would be so much cleaner to make it an official bubble feature.

I need to do this at the moment to create a unique id for some of our members.

What is the workaround you mention?

I do it with a chain of workflows.

  • NumeroCommessa is the integer value of the number I want to add trailing 0’ to
  • CodiceCommessaTrailing contains the trailing 0’
  • When I need to display them, I display CodiceCommessaTrailing followed by NumeroCommessa

see below: