Format number as 0000N

This I pretty stupid, but I really need it.

I need the function to format an integer with a fixed number of digits, filled by zeroes on the left.
Such that once I defined the number of digits (e.g. 5) from the number 3 I get 00003
And from the number 121 I get 00121.
The converted value would be text and is fine for me.
I implemented this with a workflows of what if… but is far for being practical to use in many situations…

I believe is something that you guys can implement in no time…

is it something hard to implement? can be done in the next months? Thanks.

I am currently working on a plug-in that will allow you to set any format you want for any input. Still in the early stages. Look in the forum in the upcoming couple of days for the free version

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can’t wait! :wink:

Hi Ali,

any update on this?


Is there any way to do this ?

Hi, just sharing here is my trick to implement this

Say that you already had a VALUE (number), and let say you want to save in 5 digits of text with “0” on the left.

then put a “dummy input” (text format, hidden) with initial value is “00000VALUE” …then save in db as “dummy input’s value:truncated from end to 5”.

Eg. If you have 123, dummy input’s value will be 00000123 (text) and when you save you have 00123 (truncated from end to 5).

Do the same way when let say you need 10 digits, dummy input’s initial value shall be “0000000000VALUE” and save as “truncated from end to 10”

Note, VALUE’s max no of digit shall be < no of digits you truncates from end.