Number Operators - after specified item # - not available! BUG?

I’m Trying to write the following in the “Thing to change” property (on a “Make Change to a Thing” action)

Repeating Group A’s List of things, item #, current cell’s index, +1

(in other words: change the thing that is listed one record after current cells item)

Bubble doesnt provide the - or + operators after "item # current cells index, is this a bug?

At this point, the expression refers to a thing, that’s why +1 isn’t allowed.

You can workaround it by altering the number before choosing the item, for example set a group inside the cell to have type number, data source current cell’s index + 1.

Then you can do: Repeating Group A’s List of things, item #, group’s number

Edit: @chad got in first with the same answer …


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