Repeating images sorting by order number


I have just started with Bubble and so far so good however I am stuck on this.

I have a repeating list of images. I have given each cell a number and I want to be able to arrange the order of the images by clicking the up and down arrows. See image:

So the basics of this work. If I click the arrow up it moves up and down it moves down. The issue I have is that I can’t change the order number in the next or previous cell and so I end up with 2 images with the same number. I want to be able to click up and move that one up a number and the one above down a number and click down to move that one down and the other one up. I hope that makes sense!

How have you tried to do that? Have you tried to add that logic to the up/down arrow workflows? If so, posting that step of the workflow for the forum is your best bet.

Although this post deals with drag-and-drop, the logic of storing old_order and current order is probably what you need:

Thanks so much. That’s an even better option and what I wanted originally. I will give that a go.

If you’re new to bubble, my humble suggestion is to use the logic to fix what you were trying to do first, get that working. Then if you want to enhance it later, Drag and drop is cool. Adding more complexity before you have the basics down may slow you down in the long run. After a few trials like this, you will truly start to realize the enormous potential of Bubble!

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Well I like a challenge! I have it all working now with drag and drop. Awesome. I love Bubble. Thanks for your quick help and advice.

Good to hear. Rock on!

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