Number subtract

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I need to calculate a few numbers. There is a number which is stored in database. I need to give an option to users to subtract their numbers from my stored in database number.
My number is shown, and there is an input where users can write their numer. The button is supposed to subtract user’s number from my number, and to show the result at another text field.
My problem is, that i can’t write the logical sentence -
db-number = dbnumber - user’s-number

Please help. Thank you!

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In the text field
Just do Db item’s number field - input field

You don’t need the first part. Are you able to get data from DB?

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As mentioned, you can do the expression right in the field you wish to save to.

If you need to keep numbers stored on the page and to refresh and want run more complex calculations then I’d checkout the calculator plugin

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