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Numbers only random string

How can I come with random numeric string, for example to assign it to every new user? (with or without blockspring)

Easy way, even though it’s probably not truly random, is to split the user’s id to remove the ‘x’ character and join them. This works as long as the ‘x’ character is in the same position for all ids. It’s also supposedly collision free.


Pretty smart :slightly_smiling: (we don’t have such a feature indeed, but the unique id that is assigned to a user is unique, by definition, and @Scott’s idea is quite good).

@Scott Thanks. I was trying to build some sort of Time Clock for gym members, and I needed the number just for them to look for its profile/verify, and then mark its entry. Actually I tried to this in the past by formatting the Current User’s Unique ID as a 4 digits number.

BUT then I face some data structure issue, since I realized that such ‘members’ don’t need to sign up with a proper password, username, etc, as Bubble workflow requires. In comparison with a real user of the app will do (i.e. the receptionist). So I decide to create a new thing called Member, and it was here when ran out of ideas about how to come up with a random number string.

Maybe I am also facing some logic issues here. Thanks in advance for any idea you can provide me! :slightly_smiling:

How about letting the member ID be the person’s phone number?


Hahahaha I feel so stupid right now. That is a great idea. Thanks one more time, bro!