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Unique Values and randomly generated value

Hello Everyone,

So far my experience with bubble has been amazing. I would highly recommend this product to everyone who is building anything!

I have 2 questions that I need help on.

  1. how do I enforce unique values. For example when adding a username.

  2. how do I generate a random alphanumeric value?


for 1) I’d do a search and check the count. You can put this in a condition, for instance.

for 2) we don’t have that natively, but Blockspring has such a block that you can use for free (just need to sign up to blockspring). We haven’t documented yet the blockspring integration, so let us know if you can’t figure it out.

See this

thanks for the support on 1. I understand,

For the use case on 2, I am thinking of having 2 usernames for reach registered user. The first one is a randomly generated text (which can be reset) and the other is a unique value he enters.

For 2 use Blockspring, that should do it.

I have signed up for the service but I don’t how to proceed. Appreciate a bit more assistance in how to set this up.

Thank you

Install the plug-in in your app, enter the api key and then you can search for the block and install it in the blockspring section of the plugins tab. Once installed, the block is basically another api that you can pick in get data from external api.