OAuth User-Agent Flow?

Hey All!

Trying to OAuth with Crew! Following the documentation provided here.

In the documentation, there’s an extra parameter that is required as part of the original call which seems to be making it not compatible with Bubble’s typical user-agent flow. That parameter is target: ENTERPRISE_ACCOUNT

If I build the OAuth flow myself, by having a button manually navigate to the OAuth url, a 'when page is loaded workflow that looks for the return with the code and exchanges it automatically for the token, it all works. But, I’d like to have it run through the API connector so things aren’t as exposed.

Any tips?

That’s very odd.

It looks like it is a Scope as well?

Target … Isn’t an OAUTH2 parameter normally so is that something passed with the link URL to get to the ‘signup’ page?

Can you add it to the Token URL in the connector?

Thanks for the reply! It’s been a somewhat buggy experience interacting with this API, this included. It seems to want it as part of the initial auth url. Anything else, and I get a 404

And you can’t add it to the URL ?