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Issue getting oAuth2 Agent Flow to initialize

Hello Bubblers,

Hoping someone can shed some light. My company has a web based app that I am attempting to integrate with a lightweight tool I built in Bubble and use SSO (web app server/Bubble app client).

I have read through 100 different articles here. None of them match my implementation and my initialization is not bringing up my web apps login window BUT not throwing any errors as well, so do not know where to start?

The difference in my implementation vs most of what I see here is we use refresh tokens and implicit grant. So there is no app secret. I get this running fine in Postman. Enter the same settings in Bubble API Connector. Run a login workflow and the progress bar runs infinitely. No errors. Nothing in the log. Nothing returned. What I could set in Postman that I cannot set in Bubble is “Grant = Implicit” and custom redirect URL. However, I have added the Bubble hardcoded redirect URL to my web app but still no change.

To test and learn, I have setup connectors for Spotify and others outlined here and they work fine. Mine works just as well in Postman. In Bubble, cant get past initialization and nothing to go by as to where to troubleshoot.

Any idea where to start? Does someone know perhaps that using a refresh token method not supported by Bubble? Or implicit grant not supported?

Any assistance is appreciated,