Oauth2 API issue - Signup/Login using Wordpress

Hello, I’m facing a little issue while authenticating the Wordpress Oauth2 user agent flow api with bubble API connector. I have successfully setup the API call but when I run the API for authentication under the debug mode, It returns the following error after providing login credential for my wordpress account.

I can successfully redirect to the authorization window of the wordepress.

But once I click on the “Approve” button I’ll be redirect back to my login page and returns following error.
“API Connector error: the Oauth2 API Wordpress is not configured properly - Error parsing data”

I have no idea to troubleshoot this issue and could you please help me to figure out this particular issue?


Maybe you can share your current setting in API Connector and also doc to API authorization?

Hello Jici, thank you for replying to this issue.
here are some resources related to the oauth2 setup by wordpress

Hope these things would be handy in finding a solution.

Url for the user is
and ID key path will be ID


Thank you very much for the quick reply. I’ll try these things and let you know the progress.

It’s solved…! That was the exact issue and it’s working nicely now. Thank you for the great help. You saved my day!