🚩 Odd behavion using Server Script (Toolbox plugin)

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I am facing a very odd behavior when using the “Server script” action of the Toolbox plugin.

Please note below that I am running a simple script, that only Search for my Objects and send, as result, their names. No constraints are beeing made.

As result, as expected, I am receiving the list of names.


The action runs in my App1 (server-side) and the result is shown in my App2.

But when in LIVE VERSION, this code doesn’t work.

Actually, all codes that needs to run a"Search" in my database (placed inside the “Server script” block) are not working at all. It is like the “Search” funcion works only in “version-test”.

When I checked the server log, I saw that in live version the plugin is unable to perform a Serch. The results are always empty!

Note that:

  1. Both databases are the same (test and live);
  2. There is no privacy rules applied at all;

To certify myself that the issue is coming from the plugin block, I placed the same code directly in the “Return data from API” box, as below:

And now, both versions are returning my objects’s name.

Don’t have any ideia of how I can fix it… :thinking:

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