Toolbox Plugin - Server Script broken?

Is anyone using the Server Script action from @mishav Toolbox Plugin. I’m doing the following and it appears to be broken now. It’s not throwing any errors in the logs, but I’m not seeing any of the actions/steps firing after this one anymore.

This was working for probably a year up until the last month or two. I do not think I have changed the particular workflow for this. Wondering if some Bubble change has broken the Server Script action.

I just tested a very simple script and it’s working for me.

Maybe it’s the use of regex?

Don’t know, if Regex (or any other function you’re using) is a browser function then it won’t work, I’ve done such mistake already, using browser functions on server side… just an idea.

“extract with regex” is a Bubble action, so I would expect that it’s able to run server-side since it’s available in the menu.

If it’s based on JS it should.

Have you tested other expressions?

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