Offer: I Create Beautiful Bubble UI In Hours

I built a tool (similar to webflow) that allows me to design bubble UI on the front-end without touching the back-end.

It works by generating CSS code
You can have mutiple themes
You can redesign any old design
Design in real-time
A/B test different themes

I am open to working on UI projects especially with studios that require quick turn around

What do you guys think of this tool? I haven’t release it to the public as yet, for now it is an internal tool

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Super cool.


I love it. How much work would be involved before releasing it? I see a huge benefit to using something like this since the biggest problem I have is making something look nice.

I’m happy that you like it Gnelson. I just created the Chrome plugin that allows you to use SuperStyler on any bubble app without touching the backend.

I recorded a loom video showing how I can themed the UI of a bubble app that I didn’t have access to. To apply the new UI theme, the owner of the app will have to paste the generated css code in an HTML element on the page

I am trying to get a feel for the demand to understand what I should release. Currently it works for me since I am testing it with my SaaS - a custom private network which requires many different styles. But with SuperStylers, I can quickly change the UI since my client doesn’t exactly knows what he wants.

Let’s connect and I will have you beta test it if you like

So, is your service essentially a styling service or do you design UI/UX from scratch? Thank you

Hey Federico, I am currently working on a chrome plugin that will allow you to use superstyler on any website, not only bubble because it generates css code to style the existing elements on the page

For bubble users, all they have to do is copy and paste the css code into their bubble app and it will apply the preview design from the front end to the app itself

With this, you can style any bubble app no matter where it is in the production pipeline. It could be in dev or deployed.

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Thank you for your clarification!