Bubble Editor Redesign

Hello Bubblers,

I am looking to try and build an SaaS app soon as was wondering if I should wait for the editor redesign (which hopefully comes with Bootstrap and mobile app support) before building it?
Does anyone have an ETA on when it might release and how much difference there will be between than and now?

I would hate to have to repeat or redo things because of changes.
I think @emmanuel mentioned a summer release?



Don’t wait for anything or anyone. Jump right in and get started.

I’m confident you would not have to redo anything once the new design is released.

Good luck!


Yeah, that is kinda what I am feeling. Has there been any talk or updates of the redesign at all? I am actually pretty excited for it.

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The first pass at the redesign will be mostly about UI and UX, not functionality, so it doesn’t make a difference for the app, you should go ahead and start right now.


Thank you very much for the clarification!
Naturally, the obvious question would be what is a rough timeframe for the update?
I imagine you are not ready to share just yet but wanted to ask anyways :slight_smile:

Bubble is very different from other apps in the market (hence why were all here) but is the design for UI/UX inspired by anything out there already?

Again, just excited for it so apologies.


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Reading this, I am wondering how much of the UX will actually mean improvement that make users more productive. So many things with Bubble take a specific sequence of clicks or keystrokes (eg dynamic data) that experienced Bubblers have grown accustomed to, but which are sort of quirky and crazy. I hope the UX addresses some of that b

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There were some screenshots posted a few months back. It looked great, but seems to be mostly cosmetics. Bringing into the more modern style of darker software UI.

My, highly speculative, bet is that it will just be a more pleasant visual experience than any major changes in functionality. At least until the new responsive engine is completed.

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Yeah, with other app builders getting in the game and starting off with bootsrap responsiveness and other modern features only time will tell if Bubble can keep up.

I think whoever pushes out a webflow style editor with bubble style data base functionality for creating native apps… will be a game changer.

I can count the people I know who uses a laptop instead of a phone for anything online on one hand.