Ok, how do I do this? Iterate a list, and change items based on a subjective variable

So here’s the deal.

I have a calendar where you can turn on and off events from certain people. Like such:

When I load the page, I create list of calendar events to display in the calendar as data.

But, here’s where I’m stuck. How do I modify the list of calendar events such that I change their color to the color you have selected for that person?

So you have you data for an Event, which has an owner and a color.
Then you have your “people” which is data made of only two fields: user, color.

I know there’s an option to change a list of things, however it’s easy to use that to change them all to a single color. But to change them to a color based on matching that event with the user and the color you have selected for them is getting tricky.

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks!

I am not sure if you can make changes to a list of things with a variable change.

I know you can do this with an API Workflow. This video explains what it does. The example is sending emails to a variable list of email addresses but you can modify it to make changes to a thing from a list of variable colors.

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