List data change

I want to create change data on list of users.This is the scenario.
Each user has an account balance and percentage contribution example( 0.5 or 1) and these user are in the list of a particular user(Boss). They play in an event where money is won.
So after an event, how does “Boss” credit his list of users their account balance by multiplying their percentage contribution by “Money won in event” and add to each users account balance.

Hi, depending on the complexity of the calculation and structure of your data you can either :
Solution 1 ) do a workflow with this action : Data → Make changes to a lit of things

Solution 2) create an API workflow that does the calculation, and trigger this API workflow from a normal workflow with this action Custom events-> Schedule API workflow on a lit
This way, the API workflow will run once for each element (customer) in the list.