OKTA SSO - anyone cracked it?

I saw some threads about OKTA SSO from last year, has anyone here successfully integrated with them without having to do a massive amount of custom work?

(per this original thread Okta Javascript Login Widget)

Hi Helena, yes, we have developed an integration for Okta for Bubble that uses SAML to authenticate against our Okta instance. That has enabled us to implement passwordless logins for the app as well by using Trusona’s passwordless app with Okta.

If you would like a copy of the code (it would be “as is” to copy into your own environment) then email me at ben [at] georgian.io and we can arrange to get the code to you. We are planning on making it available to the community more widely in the near future as well.

Hi @helena here’s the link to instructions on how to configure Bubble’s API Connector to talk to Okta. It includes instructions on what you need to do on the Okta side as well. Cheers to Joe and the team @ Smaal who figured this out for us and whom put the documentation together for you all: Okta SSO template by Georgian



You, Conor, Joe and the SMAAL team are legends, thank you so much for sharing this.

Helena & Team


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