Okta Javascript Login Widget

I’m looking to use Bubble for the front end of my app. I have all the API’s built and ready to go. All API’s work off Okta OAuth2. So I’m looking to use the Okta JavaScript login widget provided by Okta.

My question is, can I just embed this in a Bubble application by using the Toolkit plugin to add it to the JavaScript? Or do I need to write my own custom plugin? I’d hate to go the plugin route when Okta has already done all the heavy lifting…

Ha anybody successfully integrated Okta without having to do a bunch of custom work?


Bubble handles user authentication within. They do make JS inputs available to run custom code … though I really doubt that they would enable user management in this way. Do not know for sure though.

There are various ready-made plugins for oAuth as you probable know:

And others …

Thanks, it sounds like I would need to write my own plug-in

Curious if you ended up doing this or if you found a simpler way to integrate with OKTA?

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