On-demand app or Build from scratch?

I’d like to create an on-demand app as well as a website. I am planning to develop a hotel booking app like Tripadvisor. I contacted many companies who charge me over 50,000USD for a pre-built app. Is it advisable to go with a ready-made app or should I hire developers to build my app from scratch?
All suggestions are welcomed.

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Use a template from zeroqode

Optimize the templete

Make figma files so app is done
Then implement it visually in bubble

Then let api and workflow coders make it work in bubble

Is it built with Bubble or they used code?

It seems quite high the price they gave you. I don’t know the details of your app but there is other ways to do it cheaper.

I imagine is the first version of your app.
You should start with an MVP, not with a full built app. It less risky this way.

You have a plan on how to get users?
Honestly building an app is not the hardest part, getting users to use it is the hard part.

Me an my partner build MVP for a maximum of 15,000. And it’s because it includes the whole UX/UI of the app made from scratch.

You can check our site here and contact us if you would like to have a call to discuss more.

Try investing more in the marketing side of your app, it’s worth it. Don’t build a full app if you don’t know yet how you plan to get users after. :slight_smile:

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