Can someone build me an MVP for $100

Hi, I’m wondering if someone can build me an MVP for $100 or $250.

It doesn’t require much work. Payments. App Owner account. Basic analytics. Database searching and filter. Outbound email for transactions. A way to enter information into the database. A login and user field for people searching when they purchase.

It requires weeks or months of work to build what you’re talking about. I’d recommend you buy a template and customize it for your goals - that’s the cheapest way to get some done quickly.

This is the most well known site for app templates:


I can help you. Please check your PM.
Look forward to hear back from you.

Austin W.

a MVP in 2 - 5 hours. A joke ?

That was my original reaction, but I know some people charge in the $10/hour USD range for their services. I’m guessing there will be a taker or two step up for this project. I’ve started to stay out of pricing conversations, mainly because I’m learning there’s always someone ready to take the work for any price. Unfortunately, this frequently ends up in really frustrated posts on the forums, but I’m willing to bet there are more happy outcomes than sad.

I can’t imagine a scenario where I could justify charging rates that low, but my situation is quite different than some others. Now, I sit and watch with curiosity :slight_smile:



You are absolutely right! I’ve had quite a lot of experience in paying the low rates and every time it has ended up in failure or near to failure.

If you want quality in bubble you have to pay for it. As there is very few people out there that can deliver Quality In bubble.

Well that is from my experience anyway I would love to be made wrong…!

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This is not a joke post.

Thanks for the zeroqode information. I’m probably going to use them and see if they’ll customize to my requirements because that seems cheaper.

I was expecting answers like I’ve seen in this thread because of the claims of scammers.

There are takers. I thought Bubble would be cheaper than software dev, but the general consensus is that you need to pay a lot.

I received an unbiased answer in a different tech group, which confirmed my suspicions that I would pay just as much using Bubble as hiring for custom software development.

I’ll probably skip the solo developer idea.

Engagements with Bubble often are cheaper, but not the hourly rate. The thing that makes it cheaper is the need to use fewer hours. As an example, I completed a project recently that was quoted at $92,000 by a traditional development firm. I charged the same hourly rate ($175), but completed it in 1/4 the time. The client saved 75% by going with a Bubble developer.


Could agree more with @andrew_bpco…Bubble dev is actually cheaper because it’s faster. An other argument is that, assuming you’re non technical, you could tweak a bit your product yourself.

Other than that , if you’ve found a Bubble dev or a traditional dev “from another group” that offer you to develop your MVP with the outlined features for “100$ or 250$”, you should better run away…it’s certainly a joke :joy:

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