One Page or Multi Page Site? Which Works Best On Bubble?

When you’re building your Bubble App is it best to try and build everything on one page by using Workflows to hide and show groups or is it better to build a multi page app which loads data dependent on the link the user clicks on.

Single page app

  • faster
  • if too much data and too many concurrent users … it will likely run slower

Multi page app

  • slower
  • can handle data better and more concurrent users

The above … is an overgeneralization … please take it with a grain of salt

Bubble is powerful and most apps can run easily with single pages

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Dozens of posts on this forum. Search for them and you’ll find out more.

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Someone much wiser than me posted a pretty good pros and cons list to address your question. But in general (if I remember correctly):

Single page:

  • Easier to build at first.
  • Becomes more complicated to manage since you may have literally have hundreds of groups, RGs, list shifters, etc. on a single page.
  • Great for the user in terms of speed, since all you’re doing is showing/hiding things, rather than opening new pages.
  • Poor for users in terms of opening the page if the page has a lot on it.
  • Easier for implementing security.

And the pros and cons of a multi-page were almost literally the opposite of the pros and cons of a single page.

This, of course, is an over-simplification of what the original post was, but I think it conveys the overall spirit.

Personally, if you can get away with single-page, go for it. But if your app is really complex, multi-page may be a better option.

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Reusable elements!


Some considerations that will make the decision very easy.

  1. Do you need SEO at all - if yes, probably best to go with multiple pages
  2. Are you building for Mobile ONLY - if yes, might be better with SPA, especially if you intend to have a wrapping service make it available for app stores
  3. Do you value speed for navigating to new pages - if yes, might be better to go with SPA; Do you value speed for initial load - if yes, might be better to go with multiple page app

Also if you build an SPA correctly, you wouldn’t need to worry about how many users or amount of data processing, since both of those things affect your app in the same way whether it is an SPA or multiple page app.

Additionally, building an SPA properly is not easier at first, since the proper approach is a bit beyond beginner or might even be beyond ‘intermediate’ level. Security concerns are the same regardless of the app being SPA or multiple pages.