One page - responsive

Can someone explain to me how to accomplish on of those example below:

I mean the one page and auto resizing on different screens.

Hey @krasimir.v.rankov :slight_smile: For Cobubble’s site, my guess is there is custom code which hides the scrollbar. However, the page is not responsive and doesn’t completely resize when the page is shortened (in my browser).

For the second example, I don’t think that is a Bubble site. However, if you’d like a similar homepage, you could just make the home page pretty short in height by default, set an image as the page background, and have the footer be a floating group (that floats to bottom). That will bring the footer up, as the page height decreases.

Thanks for your reply

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Looks like that website uses a simple css trick to hide the scrollbar:

::-webkit-scrollbar { 
    display: none;
body {

Just open Chrome’s developer tools, find & delete that code snippet, and the scroll will start to work on that website. The site is built using Bubble (you can use builtwith to view any website’s stack).