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One Signal Push Notifications

Hi I am in need of some clarification regarding One Signal’s push notification plugin.

I have followed the setup given by bubble to enable push notifications however I am having difficulties sending push notifications through to individual users. Its seems that the app is not communicating with the relevant users player ID’s. Where can I find the player ID’s for users within Bubble?

Do I need to create a thing in my database for One Signal Player ID’s?

Thank you in advance

I am also looking for answer with respect to your above scenario… have you gotten any solution so far?

Hi @teofeijun1986,

Which one of the plugins are using for OneSignal, is it the one by TwoBits?
If it is, I’m pretty sure you don’t need to store the playerId for that because OneSignal have some Bubble integration setup you need to go through on their website, when setting it up.

Thank you for replying,

I am using the one by one signal… should i use the plugin by TwoBits instead?

It depends because there’s a few of them now and I know one only works through the SuperView web wrappers for iOS/Android mobile devices, whilst the OneSignal one works with “web push notifications” through browsers. Are you just trying to get it working with browsers only? when I say browsers, I mean Edge, Chrome, IE etc… not mobile browsers!

It’s all a bit confusing to say the least! but I’ve managed to get notifications working although I run into issues myself everytime, I like to think I’m getting better though :slight_smile:

I tested the one signal plugin made by one signal themself, and it is able to push notification through mobile web browser. However, I can’t seem to locate the user. I have sent an email for help to bubble support. Hopefully can solve the issue.

ok hang on a sec, let me check a couple of my apps
I might have got that wrong

Ok, you’re using the correct one. Sorry about that.

OneSignal Push Notifications (by Two Bits) is for the SuperView web wrapper so don’t use that one.

OneSignal - Push Notifications (by OneSignal) is the one which integrates with Bubble and you have to follow the steps mentioned in this post:

More info here can be seen here:

Have you seen tis post?

Thanks for the reply, I guess I will continue from the thread you “Push Notifications, onesignal and headache”, so that everyone with the same questions can view together

As the author of the “headaches” post, just wanted to provide an update.

After getting nothing useful from OneSignal support (they didn’t seem to even know they had a Bubble integration), I’ve abandoned OneSignal in favor of Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging.

I used the Firebase Cloud Messaging plugin and was up and running in under 15 minutes. My particular use case is solved and it all worked as advertised.

So for me, the fastest way to get push notifications like the ones offered by One-Signal was to absolutely not use OneSignal. YMMV.

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