Online payments using API

I a very new to API’s. Just getting to learn about them. So i would like to include money payments to my site, not using credit or debit cards as this is not common in my country.We mostly use MPESA, now from my research online i have seen that there is an MPESA API and from the instructions on how to use it entails keying in some code in one’s website etc, am pretty sure that this is not possible with bubble because there is no access to code really. So my question is, how would i get to use this particular API for online paymets?

The M-PESA API documentation is linked on:

It looks like a SOAP over XML interface. It might be possible in Bubble, but likely to have many obstacles. I’d suggest searching this forum for SOAP (add water to get bubbles).

Some relevant posts here:

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Thank you for this,let me have a look.

Hi. Did this ever get resolved? I’m looking to use Mpesa as well and cannot find a way to link it into bubble

Any solution to this quagmire yet? As my timestamp shows, it’s 3 years since the question was raised :slight_smile:

I’m building an app to solve a financial problem and I would really love to provide users with the option to transfer funds to and fro their online account via M-Pesa.

Is this doable? Is there and API for that type of system?
Any leads to a viable solution?

It depends on which payment gateway you are willing to use. I am using PayPal API because my clients prefer PayPal.