Only accept student email addresses

Hi guys,

One of my applications is a student only platform which requires students to use their student email to sign up. In the UK all university websites ends with “” - for example, the University of Oxford’s website address is “” & the University of Kent’s website is “”.

Similarly, student email addresses also end with “” and so to verify a student, I would need the user (student) to type a student email address in an input and then my application will run a workflow to only send them a confirmation email on the condition that they have used a student email address and nothing else (i.e. [email protected] as opposed to [email protected]). I was thinking a bit of regex may do but any suggestions on how I may go about this?

Maybe try setting a condition that only allows the verification email to be sent when Input email contains ""? Only way I can think of doing it. Although it will probably work, you may have users with “” included in other parts of the email address (i.e. [email protected]).

Yeah I thought of doing it like this, unfortunately due to the problem you’ve outlined, it won’t work. Verifying that the user is in fact a student is important because my application is offering resources specifically for students and so I can’t have people who aren’t students signing up with non-student email addresses to get unauthorised access.

Here’s a potential solution - How can I limit my the email domain that my users can sign up with?

In short - upon input value change - truncate the email address to 6 last symbols, and if they are not “”, then reset the inputs.


I had a feeling that this would be the way - thank you so much @vladlarin!

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