Only as front End And nothing to be stored in bubble database

I explored bubble for some time and also signed up paid courses at codefree and bubbletraining, today I upgraded to paid bubble plan. I’m totally serious about using it. I am challenged with below questions by the rest of the team.
We have full business logic implemented in rest services backed built on spring framework and front end is Angular.
Angular is complex and expensive to develop and maintain.
I’m proposing to replace current Angular front end with bubble. Which will mean bubble is going to fully replace our current front end and talks, stores and retrieve data from our existing back end. Which will also mean that no data will be stored in bubble database including user authentication.
Is it possible to use bubble for front end only with no data to be stored in bubble database. We also want to use our existing users in our current backend.
Hope I explained my question. This will be a big game changer for us if this is possible and would be a strong proposal to bring other projects to bubble in other organizations we work with.

I appreciate if someone can chime in

I have built a couple of prototypes using Contentful as a backend, so accessing via Rest API.

Worked well enough.

Have not done the security side, but can’t see that should be a problem.

Thanks NigelG, we are working on building backend on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. What would you suggest for user creation and authentication in bubble? Can that be created outside of bubble. In a nutshell, planning on only using bubble as a front end and no information to be stored on bubble. We are mainly doing because of HIPPA compliance.

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