Only count data inputs not older then 7 days


How to search only for inputs not older than 7 days?

Created Date > Current date/time: minus 7 days

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And maybe you already know this, but just to be clear, you have to do Created Date > Current date/time +(days): -7 because that’s super intuitive, right? :wink:


Thanks @adamhholmes and @mikeloc! Quick fix! Both great solutions for this humble question. Thanks a lot, for continuous support!


Hi @adamhholmes and @mikeloc again,

Similar case here -.-

Untitled design

How for an element to be visible between two times:

  • :item #2

  • :item #2+(days)7

Thanks! :smiley:

Surely that condition will always be true, no?

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Not sure, this is farest I came with it, obviously not working, and seeking here answer :smiley:

Is it possible to add days in this case to the list of times?