Query all items created within the last 7 days


I’m trying to simply grab a count for something like, “All items created in the last 7 days”. The “Do a search for” constraints allow me to easily look 7 days into the future by using the +(days): operator. Why isn’t there a -(days): operator?

It seems that simply using - and then typing in the rest (using the same format) doesn’t work.

Thank you!

I think you can use the +(days) operator, but put a negative number in there. I’m not in a place to test it at the moment, but I’m pretty confident it works.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that and it actually doesn’t work. It converts the -7 to a regular 7.

That’s weird. I’m pretty sure I’m using similar logic somewhere in one of my apps, I’m going to have to go look at how I did it tonight.

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That would indicate a bug, but everything is working for me…I use negative numbers all over the place to subtract days (and all the other date/time parameters.) Maybe something else is going on here. Maybe you want to post up some screenshots?

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Thanks for the reply. There must have been some weird glitch when I tried that the first time. “Saving” hung up in red for a while and when I came back in it read as “7”, not “-7”.

But now it works. Thanks!

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