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Only getting 1st result from API (repeating group)


I’m trying to get results from the Built With API into a Repeating Group.

I want the Tag and Name data to populate a repeating group.

The JSON looks like this

"Results": [
        "Result": {
            "IsDB": true,
            "Spend": 7565,
            "Paths": [
                    "FirstIndexed": 1362056400000,
                    "LastIndexed": 1473548400000,
                    "Domain": "",
                    "Url": "",
                    "SubDomain": "",
                    "Technologies": [
                            "IsPremium": "no",
                            "Name": "Thawte SSL",
                            "Tag": "ssl",
                            "FirstDetected": 1381705200000,
                            "LastDetected": 1472425200000
                            "IsPremium": "yes",
                            "Name": "Mixpanel",
                            "Tag": "analytics",
                            "FirstDetected": 1369922400000,
                            "LastDetected": 1473548400000
                            "IsPremium": "no",
                            "Name": "jQuery",
                            "Tag": "javascript",
                            "FirstDetected": 1369922400000,
                            "LastDetected": 1473548400000
                        },ndent preformatted text by 4 spaces

I’ve set the API for data and populated the repeating group with data from the API (not populating database). I’m only getting the 1st Tag & Name result showing.

Is this because of the way the JSON is structured?



Did you specify the Results array in the “Main List” dropdown ?


Thanks Nigel for the reply… Yes, I did set drop-down to Results.

The API’s details are here: []

These are my settings in the api connector: I tried adding “Content-Type” and value “application/json” in the header, but this stopped it working at all.

What would be useful to get some help here is to share an open app where people can try.

Here’s a link to the public app using a Built With API key with 50 API calls. Hopefully enough to find the problem!

Annoyingly, I think you will need to flatten the JSON.

Thank you for looking… how can I flatten JSONs in real time to bring them into Bubble?

Hi. Sorry for the delay … Windows 10 Anniversary Edition happened :frowning2:

You could use Blockspring, but that is quite expensive for just the flattening service.

Or if you find someone with a bit of Node/JS you could probably create a little microwebservice.

Is there a way of telling when a JSON won’t be compatible with Bubble’s API connector?

Ahhh, well there is the question :slight_smile:

Bubble doesn’t like …

Lists instead of name value pairs
Nested Arrays

That said, having worked alongside MEAN stack devs… they usually seem to struggle with Nested Arrays too !