Can't fetch API result Repeating Group

Hello here,
It’s 3 days i’m becomming a bit crazy looking at the tutos to find out why i can’t display the result in a repeating group with a basic API Call.
Here is what i did. Call API Result “Use as Data” with basic JSON Return.

Creating a repearting group to pass form input with the API

And then display the result in a textbox but nothing is being displayed. Any tips from the community ?

Can you share the raw data from API Connector
Also, did you inspect the result of your call to API from debug mode and logs?

Looks like this API is only returning one item and not a list of items. You want to have both a single get and a bulk get if you need both options.

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I’ve succeed to figure out the solution by using the index from datasource. i do not really understand why but it works.

Thanks for your input.