Only type specific language words input field

When I am writing in the input element, i need to approve from the specific language in the input field.

Like: users can write the only French language

What do you mean “approve”?

Do you mean that if some dropdown (for example) has a value of “French” then the input can only type french words? As in, they cannot write english words?

Yes, they cannot write english words

I don’t see how you could possibly do that. The word wind in French is vent which is also an English word. If you were to do it, it would have to be on clusters of words that have enough context to determine that the language the user is writing in is not the intended language.

To implement this clustering, you will need to make an API connection to a translator tool. Then have it auto detect the language, and if it detects something other than the language that you want the users to write in, then it will show some sort of alert to the user on screen

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