Open and Click Tracking E-Mail

Hello Guys,
I want to create a tool for internal company communication.

Use case:
We upload a CSV (or enter the email-addresses manually) and send mails. Easy so far.
But I want to track which co-worker opens the email and clicked a link.

Any idea/plugin how to manage this? I’m bad in API…

There’s a few email service provider, like mailchimp and sendgrid, that provide this kind of services.

I guess it could be possible to create your own too using a backendWF with redirect

Postmark is what you are looking . Use either the bubble api or the plugin

Thank you. A provider like postmark, sendgrid or mailchimp is fine. I know they store these info, but I don’t know how to bring that info back into my bubble app.

In most case, using their API or some of them will also provide webhook that you can use with backend WF