Inbound E-mail Function

Hi All,

So I’m finally at my wits end - so coming here to the wonderful bubble community!

I am attempting to add a feature to a system that allows for inbound email.
This should be easy enough with sendgrid, but the challenge is the use case and making it work properly:

The tool is a ticketing system that allows subscribers to receive inbound emails:

  1. Each organization requires inbound email (my guess is that they’ll need a unique email address)
  2. Inbound emails received must be pushed into a table that captures the:
    a. Subject
    b. Date/Time
    c. Contents
    d. Any attachments (if possible)
    e. From address
  3. The e-mail create should be automated based on the creation of organization subscribing.

The easiest way to think of it is as a ticketing tool “clone”. I want to allow users to receive and respond to tickets originating from email.
I’ve poked around with sendgrid quite a bit, and it doesn’t appear to be able to handle the creation of unique e-mail IDs.
I’ve heard that Mailgun can do this, but the documentation around it is so limited I’m left scratching my head.

Any pointers on how to implement, or if it’s even possible?

Thank you!!

The way all these things work is you can set up a webhook. (A webhook just means, “when X happens, we’ll execute an HTTP request somewhere.” Typically, you’d set that up as a POST to a backend workflow endpoint in your Bubble app.)

So, in SendGrid, this feature is called Inbound Parse. (SG parses the email, and sends you all the info via webhook.) An introduction is here:

Any other system works very similarly and typically the interfaces are more or less identical for SMS and email.

While I didn’t go into detail on this (this is so easy that it hardly bears explication), I described my experience setting up inbound SMS parsing in ClickSend here:

Hope that helps.


Hey Ketih,

Thank you so much for responding. I’ll take a look and see what I can’t do. :slight_smile:
Warm Regards!