Open Build - Calendly on Bubbles

So i wanted an app that uses a few of the plugins I’ve worked on to showcase them, plus do something fun that others might use. So i will be building out a scheduling app that will be available as a template. The idea would be to offer the template free or for next to nothing and have the user only need to buy the plugins.

I have it started here and would love continuous input! I plan to share at least once a week until it’s completely built out. See the start by clicking the link below!

This is a little bit of shameful self plugging along with a desire to work on my design and UX skills with bubble, so feel free to provide all the harsh feedback (or praise!)
Plugins Include:

BA Studios - FullCalendar 4

BA Studios - App Tourz and Hintz

TopCal - Dates, Ranges, and Timeslots

Zeroqode - Air Date/Time Picker

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The landing page is almost complete!