Link Element Option - Trigger Workflow Action or Workflow Trigger "When Link is Clicked"

The ability to have a link open in a new tab is limited to using a link element, which doesn’t provide for any abilities to perform workflow actions on its click, even if it is contained by a group which has the trigger when it is clicked.

The workflow action ‘open external website’ doesn’t have a simple checkbox for opening in a new tab.

Using an HTML element is the same as the link element.

It would be great to have some functionality added to allow workflow triggers to reference a link element being clicked, or to have the workflow action open external website to open in a new tab.


There are plugins that do this. Just search for “URL” in “add Plugins” in your editor.


Use the toolbox plugin to gain access to the action “run javascript”

Then add this code::‘’.’_blank’)


Here is the plugin that was mentioned above. Check it out: Open URL In New Tab Plugin | Bubble

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up using the javascript as it was easier to get all the dynamic components of my URL into it using the rich text editor.

This is how I found it needed to be formatted to work

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 2.42.39 PM"")

What I’ve got working for me looks like this, and without the target=_blank it still opens in a new tab

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 2.44.10 PM

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